Tips for Bengal Adoption

Basic Tips to Keep in Mind When Visiting Catteries

As you search for your Best Friend, I urge you to consider the following:

*Learn how to read a pedigree. It's all too easy for someone to tell you a kitty is early generation if you don't know how to verify the information. Note also how different a Foundation Bengal (F1-F3) looks from an SBT (Stud Book Tradition, which means full blooded domestic.) Babbling Bengals has some fantastic examples of early generation as well as SBT babies.

*Visit the Cattery in person. Feel them out. Ask them questions. If they have a problem with it, that's a red flag! If they are registered with TICA and have agreed to their Voluntary Code of Ethics, that's wonderful. Observe how they operate. Are there too many cats for the space available? If yes, there will be a heightened sense of stress, which dampens the immune system and can lead to a greater tendency toward illness. We were a very small Cattery and would have only one litter at a time. Not everyone else will do this, but it's an example. We were able to dedicate unlimited time and attention to each baby, and had the ability to screen families very carefully. Also, ask if they screen for genetic defects. Click here for some examples:

*Sit and play with the kittens. See who gravitates naturally toward you. Kittens that connect with you will have a good mutual chemistry, even if it takes him or her a little bit to warm up initially. If the kitten wants nothing to do with you and is scared/hiding, this likely will not change.

Unfortunately, we are retired at this point from Breeding, but may pick it up again in the future. Please know that you are certainly welcome to contact me with questions at any time.

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