Kitten Starter Kit

Each Bengal baby that leaves our home comes with their very own Starter Kit, which is a valuable collection of information, samples, toys, and much more.

Here is what our Hollywood Kitties 2016 Starter Kit looks like:

Bengal Kitten Starter Kit

Included in the price of your Bengal is the following:

*Purebred, TICA registered, healthy, happy, and very sweet Bengal baby, of course =^..^=

*Up-to-date-vaccines for FVRCP (Feline Distemper 3-way)

*Two thorough vet checks with appropriate documents

*TICA Documents (including copies of the parents' pedigrees)

*Written Contract with a Health Guarantee

*30-day money back guarantee

*Kitten Starter Kit, which includes:

Bedding and Toys

-Kitten's bed and blanket (very important for the transition to a new home)

-Favorite toys


To get you started, I send home a few days' worth of what we feed here at home, including:

*High-quality Grain Free Canned Food (I'm always trying new brands to find the very best ones, so depending on availability, I'll send home Lotus, Tiki Cat, or Nature's Variety.)

*Stella and Chewy's Freeze Dried Dinner Sample

* Favorite Treats

Additional Items

-Informational Booklet on Kitten Care


-A calendar featuring pictures of your Bengal kitten from birth - 12 weeks of age

-Framed photograph of your Bengal baby

-A customized notebook containing all your kitten's documents and helpful articles on Nutrition, Vaccinations, and Training

You also get me!

-I am available to answer your questions any time, and am always happy to be of assistance.

To see a sample copy of our Contract, click here!