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Bengal Royalty is a small North Carolina Cattery focusing on only one litter at a time. My husband and I work as a team, and raise beautiful, high-quality Bengals with excellent temperaments, patterns, and health. This Cattery is small with a purpose - we refuse to have more animals we can keep up with financially and physically, and aim for a stress-free environment to promote overall well-being in ourselves and our kittens. To us, breeding is a huge investment (time and money), but it is very fun and very rewarding, especially when we find the perfect match for each kitten.

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I love to watch the family's faces light up as the Bengal baby connects with them and brings a new joy into their lives. What a privilege to be able to impact lives in this positive way! However, breeding is taken very seriously, and we wait until each kitten is placed in a loving home before starting a new litter. In the (albeit unlikely) event that nobody from our current litter is placed, we have a plan for that, too. Everyone will be fixed and kept in-house, and that would be the end of Bengal Royalty Cattery. It sounds harsh, but we are responsible for every life we bring into this world, and take it very seriously. We proudly stand by the quality of our kittens, and have plenty of references if you'd like to speak with a family that has one of our Bengals. What makes us different is that we are having fun with what we are doing, and are not motivated by profit. (Don't get me wrong, profit is nice. However, I'd rather see a kitten go to a home where he or she will be loved, safe, and cherished forever, than to make a bunch of money with it not being a good match.)

A high-quality Bengal is always going to be expensive. It is assumed that the kitten will be healthy, beautiful, well-socialized, and a good fit for your family

(which is why I have people come over first). It is not only that, though. These beautiful babies are the result of major investments of time and money on our behalf. (As an example, my two Bengal adults cost me over $8,000, not counting the continual investment in their care and the care of their babies.) Monthly expenses can easily reach $500 or more, especially with a litter of six. (Bengal kittens eat like horses, and you would be surprised!) We gladly take on all these responsibilities, simply because of how rewarding it is. Seeing our families write to us and send us pictures showing how happy they are with their new baby is just amazing. We get attached to our babies, and match our families carefully.We're very easy to get in contact with, and are always happy to answer any questions you may have, whether you decide to adopt a baby from us or not. We are on an ongoing quest of learning and obtaining knowledge. There is always something new that can be learned, whether you've been at it for 30 years or three. This goes for whatever your craft may be. No question is dumb, and nobody should make you feel afraid to ask them. We attribute our successes to God, who has been our Provider, and our help.

The Cattery

Bengal Royalty Cattery proudly upholds TICA's high standards for superior Bengals, making sure that every kitten is placed in a permanent, indoor-only home. We are minimalists when it comes to vaccines, and focus on optimal nutrition, health care, and socialization of each and every angel that is born to us.

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