Bengal Classifieds (Beta)

The purpose of this page is to provide a place for people who, physically or financially, can no longer support their beloved fur babies and need to find a loving home for them. Cats of all breeds are welcome, not just Bengals! This is a public service, where we are simply providing a meeting point for prospective adoptive families. We are only trying this out at this time. If it works out, we will continue to keep it going. If it does not, this service will be discontinued.

PLEASE READ: Since this is a free service, we cannot guarantee that your experience with it will be successful. It is up to you to make discerning choices when interacting with people you find on this list. We are not liable for any issues you may encounter while using this service - any issues or misunderstandings that may arise are strictly between you and the person you contact (or contacts you) via this listing. By providing your information, you understand that it is becoming public information, and assume all responsibility and liability for doing so. Bengal Royalty will not sell anyone's information to third party companies. Any of our use of your information will be strictly limited to this webpage. You can request to be taken off this page at any time with no obligation. We reserve the right to discontinue this service at any time. We also reserve the right to remove anyone from this list at our discretion.

We have provided tips and information below for educational and informational purposes to help you work with your cat and ultimately keep your cat at home.

If you would like to use this free service, and have read and understood the above statement, e-mail us at Be sure to include:

Your Information

- E-mail address

- Phone number

- Reason for rehoming/current situation.

Cat's Information

- Your cat's name

- 2-3 clear pictures of your cat (no larger than 600 x 400),

- Cat's breed, sex, and weight,

- List of foods they are currently eating,

- A recent Health Report Card from your Vet (this will help prospective adopters know your kitty is healthy),

- A list of vaccines he or she has had, and any present medical conditions.

- If your cat is a registered purebred, be sure to provide the name of the organization (such as TICA), as well as their membership number.

Pro Tips for Those Looking to Adopt

Call them on the phone. Get a feel for who they are, and their attitude toward the cat they have up for adoption.

Don't be afraid to ask questions.

Where feasible, ask to see the house the kitty might be going to.

Have a sit-down visit with the cat in their current environment, and see if there is good chemistry between you.

Pro Tips for Those Looking to Rehome

Re-Homing should be your LAST Resort. Do NOT leave them with Animal Control.

I can't stand the thought of a precious angel of God shivering in a cold, hard cage, abandoned and lost to the world. Living a life he or she does not deserve, devoid of love, and then suffering the ultimate cruelty of being killed - simply for lack of space and resources.

DON'T GIVE UP - THERE IS HOPE. Please look at the information provided in our Learning Center, and see if your issue shows up there. If it does not, send me an e-mail, and I will try my best to help you find the answer.

Litter Box Issues (Inappropriate Elimination)

Behavioral Issues (Scratching, Aggression)

But you're a Breeder. Isn't this a conflict of interest for you?

Every baby born to us is a life we become responsible for, and we take that very seriously. I personally have a high level of sensitivity and respect for rescue efforts that work so hard to keep abandoned animals from being euthanized in shelters. Some may say that this sounds like a conflict of interest for us since we are Breeders. If our main focus was making money, it would be. The thing is, our main focus is to bring a little joy into the world, and to have fun doing it. If someone were to turn down one of my kittens and adopt from their local shelter instead, I would not count that as a loss in the slightest. In fact, one of the most beloved members of our Bengal family sent us a wonderfully written letter mentioning adopting a companion for his Scamp (one of the babies from our Superhero litter), and I was thrilled to hear it. The sad fact is that lots of pets that end up in shelters are, in fact, purebred. The very thought of one of our own suffering a such cruel fate is absolutely unthinkable and unacceptable. Due to this, I am picky with who I let into our home, and who is allowed to adopt our babies. If you're thinking about using this resource to help re-home your cat, you should be picky, too!

What inspired this?

I got my head chewed off. At first, I was beside myself - upset for days. Truth be told, I have never quite shaken that off, and am still upset by it, not because I am offended in the least, but because she was right. With how much we love our beloved babies, I can't imagine any other