Troubleshooting Your Bengal

Don't panic when you see strange behavior - there is ALWAYS a reason for what these crazy kitties do!

Note: This page is a general reference that cat lovers of all breeds can benefit from.  It is unusual for a Bengal (or any cat, for that matter) to have a lot of problems.

Here are some valuable resources to take a look at in reference to:

Training - why don't we train: we feel it is best for the new owner to establish the routine with kitten.  it will be more effective than showing him one here at home, only to have it change later in the new environment. (clicker training- write the guy and ask permission, possible links between our sites)

Discipline - jackson galaxy

Feeding - dry is the lowest quality, wet canned is better, raw is ideal (why we dont feed raw - it is easier to transition a baby from canned to raw, because you're going one step up.  if you're used to brick oven-baked pizza, you're not going to want a tombstone from the back of the freezer.)

Litterbox Issues - uti? fixed or intact? previous illegal poop or pee from other pet?  ( zero odor)

Strange/Random behavior - hair in butt? hungry? did you miss playtime?  is litter box full?  are you in his chair? over stimulated?  just hyper? just happy? spooked?