Previous Litters

If you adopt a Bengal from us, be sure to send us pictures once in awhile! 
I love to see how they're doing. =^..^=

        Winter 2014 Litter 

Snowflake Clip Art

Born: September 16, 2014

Sire: King Casanova
Dam: Queen Aurora

Winter 2014 Litter

        NASCAR Litter 2014

Born: April 14, 2014

Sire: King Casanova
Dam: Queen Aurora
Checkered Flag Clip Art

NASCAR Kittens Slideshow

4 Boys: Prince Dale Jr, Prince Kasey Kahne, Prince Jimmie Johnson, King Richard Petty

        Christmas Litter 2013

Born: October 1, 2013

Sire: King Casanova
Dam: Queen Aurora

Candy Cane

2 Girls: Princess Joy and Princess Noelle

Christmas Kittens 2013

What their parents are saying:

"Joy and Beethoven have become inseperable!"
-Carlos in NC

"Noelle loves to eat her HALO Snacks every day, and will remind me every day when it is time. 
She has several favorite places to sleep in the house, with the rocking chair being one of her top spots. 
She is very sweet and funny, and I love her very much!"
-Ruth in NC